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Enough is enough

To the Editor:

Like many of my Marion County neighbors, I’m excited for the jobs and opportunities Expedition Wind’s wind energy project will bring to our county, especially with the uncertain times caused by this worldwide pandemic.

I want to see this project get off the ground in earnest so that we can save local jobs and businesses within the county and reap much needed benefits.

That’s why it was so frustrating to always read in the local paper that certain county residents might have taken it on themselves to try to use improper means to prevent this project from going forward.

Whether you like this project or not, would it really be fair to cause harm to your neighbors, just because you don’t like the project? I respect those who legitimately disagree with the project, but no one should go beyond what is legally permissible just to “get their way.”

Martin Nellans, Peabody

Last modified June 4, 2020