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Government exists to preserve itself

To the editor:

When I observe how government operates, on the local or any other level, it doesn’t have any regard for the producer. It seems its only interest is seeing how it can preserve itself. It has no regard for that which really gives us the abundance of the things we need and enjoy. How can a community grow and prosper if government’s only focus is to grow and protect itself?

Have you noticed all the delinquencies that keep growing every year? For every percent not paid, the same percent is added to the taxes of those who pay. We make up the difference.

According to a county commission finding, employees are underpaid. Who pays? The road and bridge department employees are overwhelmed with work and can’t do the jobs they are supposed to do. Would paying them more accomplish more? And who pays?

Think. The county budget is over $26 million but the tax base is shrinking. Are we getting our money’s worth? Something doesn’t add up. Do we really think that by giving more and more, we’re getting more?

Take a drive some Sunday afternoon through all of these small towns where businesses used to be thriving. Now they are just empty shells.

How did this happen?

Jerry Plett, Lincolnville

Last modified Oct. 4, 2018