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Newspaper should be ashamed

To the editor:

The article on the Aulne church was a large error on the part of the paper.

Yes, I support the congregation in the effort to remain Biblical and separating from a denomination that is spiraling down the path to hell.

However, Pastor Jeff had every right to be upset with that story being printed. It should have been run by him before printing.

We need more churches like Aulne to step up and become the rock that we are called to be.

I will stand shoulder to shoulder with that congregation in the efforts to remain true to God’s word and support them in the idea that this article was prematurely published.

I wonder if Mr. Meyer will have an editorial now about the incompetence of his paper mirroring the county commission meetings that he loves to scold?

Matt Ehlers, Webber

Pastor Ehlers’ comments, submitted via social media, appear to be in response to the following, which was added to last week’s story when it was posted online:

Update after print deadline

Pastor Jeff Lee of Aulne Church objected to this article after it was published in print.

In a heated telephone conversation Wednesday, he repeatedly declined to cite specifics he thought was wrong with the article other than to say: “How about we just write up the article ourselves and you publish exactly what we have written.”

Lee stated that he had never consented to be interviewed and had been misquoted. However, he then confirmed — and, in fact, repeated — the exact words that were the only ones attributed to him in the story.

“The only thing that we’ve ever stated is that we are upset — I don’t mean to say ‘upset,’ so don’t put that in your next article — we disagree with the United Methodist Church because they do not recognize full Biblical authority,” he said.

Asked to explain what he meant by not recognizing full Biblical authority, he declined.

“I’m not going to talk about that,” he said.

He then hung up the phone.

Last modified July 17, 2019