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‘Private,’ not secret

To the editor:

We “Lady Patriots,” Rose Davidson, Gloria Seifert, Karen Williams, and Denice Bina, were surprised to discover that we had held a “secret” meeting, as stated in the Feb. 10 issue of the Record. We held a private meeting that was by invitation only, with a request for an RSVP. There is a difference between private and secret.

Why would a newspaper reporter think they could come to a private meeting?

We “Lady Patriots” are genuinely concerned about the direction our beloved America is headed. We are God-fearing Christians who support the Constitution. So, for instance, we are against socialism and we support the 2nd Amendment, we are pro-life, we want a strong military and a booming economy with secure borders, etc.

Hence the invitation to a small group of friends that we thought felt the same to help us plan a public meeting. A meeting at 3 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 21 at the Lake Hall will be very public and open to anyone and everyone, reporters included. Mark your calendar!

We are not claiming a Republican or Democrat label, so we are not really reaching across the aisle. In this endeavor, there is no aisle — only Americans. Our goal is to pull together like-minded neighbors to brainstorm what we can legally do to improve the current situation and how we can educate people.

We also want to support people in the county, so they know they are not the only ones who feel that our country is on the precipice of falling into a very dark place.

We stressed that we need to pray hard, yet we know that God is in charge; He has put each of us in this place at this time for a reason. We are part of His plan; we have a purpose. To quote Jeff Minick, in The Epoch Times newspaper: “We should be happy we live in these times. When else has the meaning of life been so clear? When else has standing up for truth been so important? This is the greatest adventure in a very long time.”

See you fellow “Proud Patriots” on the 21st.

Rose Davidson

Last modified Feb. 18, 2021