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Read Psalm 91

To the editor:

We are enjoying reading the expanded joint newspapers of Marion-Hillsboro-Peabody. I particularly liked your article “Covid 19 is Doing a Number on Us.”

I received this text from someone in the area, I quote “Peabody life is stressful! Peace out Linda with our amazing anxiety cure. Take two of these XXX gummy bears and boom!”

It seems people are led to believe many different varieties of drugs and/or alcohol can relieve or cure the great upheavals the entire word is now experiencing. I responded back to whoever sent me the text (no name was given) that great peace can have they who love the Lord, I am not stressed out because the Lord blesses those who trust in Him — not in gummy drugs or cannabis or alcohol.

Read Psalm 91 in the Bible, it is 100% pertinent to our day and times we live in. Pestilence has been used by God to punish for sins in the past and in the present. But this Psalm explains how we can escape His punishment and be protected by faith and obedience to God.

Perhaps someone will be offended by this truth. It’s time to wake up and see the big picture of the horrific atrocities daily happening, not only in China or the USA but all nations. Judgment is coming, we need to seek God and repent — not take drug gummy bears or booze or all the myriad of other mind destroying concoctions that a man or demon can come up with to destroy mankind.

Linda Eden, Newton

Last modified April 29, 2020