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A lump of coal

To the editor:

I write from a small town in northeast Pennsylvania, from the center of the anthracite coal belt and the edge of the well-known Pocono Mountain resort area.

The map says I am 1,263 miles away from Marion, but I have drawn much closer reading about the trashing of democracy and our Constitution that was imposed on the Record and on Joan Meyer.

I saw video from police cameras showing Joan bravely resisting the evil efforts that destroyed her privacy in her own home. 

It is pretty pathetic that Colorado investigators have to be called in as special investigators because the local and Kansas state police are too compromised and enmeshed to reveal the truth.

It is made even worse by the politicians and insurance companies colluding with the miscreants to try to bury objective evidence. 

Your attorney general, Kris Kobach, is well known in our area.

He cost the city of Hazleton, Pennsylvania, $3 million in legal fees trying to ram a Hitler-like anti-immigrant ordinance down the throat of our growing Hispanic population.

The entire evil ordinance was declared unconstitutional in the Circuit Court of Appeals, with the city ordered to pay all legal fees.

This same Kobach wasted millions heading up Donald Trump’s voter fraud commission, which disbanded in 2017 not finding one case of verified fraud.

Somehow, Kansans seem to love the guy.

Our local newspapers within a 50-mile radius have all been on the verge of dissolution since a vicious hedge fund came in nine months ago and sold off all the infrastructure and closed customer service offices.

Out here, local journalism is in the way of plundering greed. Marion County Record subscribers are lucky to have you. 

David Panckeri
Weatherly, Pennsylvania

Last modified Dec. 28, 2023