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Come on, Marion

To the editor:

On Aug. 12, my aunt and editor Eric Meyer’s mother, Joan, died of sudden cardiac arrest brought about by the stress of an illegal raid on her home.

Joan Meyer was born and raised in Marion. She loved that town enough to raise her son there and to dedicate her life to making sure that Marion’s residents kept appraised of its goings-on through the Record.

The town that she loved so dearly literally broke her heart. You all knew her. You all loved her. You all respected her, but you’re all now turning your backs on her.

Very few of you have stepped up to stand up for what’s right. Very few of you have confronted the crooked people involved in this whole mess. What would Bill, Joan, and my grandmother, Ruth, think of all of you?

I can count on one hand the number of people who have shown up at city council meetings to ask why and continue to ask why. Are the citizens of Marion that afraid of the crooked mayor and his cronies?

These people committed illegal raids on Ruth Herbel’s home, the Record office, and Joan’s home. And for what? They knew they had no grounds!

These atrocities caused undue stress on everyone involved, including some of us from as far away as Montana and Texas, when we lost someone we loved.

This is no longer the town where I spent my summers. That town would have stood up for itself. That town would have run the crooks out on a rail. That town never would have stood for what you’re standing for today.

Don’t tell me times have changed. The problem is that too many people nowadays are too willing to turn a blind eye and not get involved.

I have filed complaints with higher authorities, including the FBI. I keep demanding answers from the KBI, from your attorney general, from your mayor, and from so many others. But I’m just one voice. The people of Marion should be doing the same.

And to David Mayfield, Gideon Cody, Brogan Jones, Zach Collett, Kari Newell, Joel Ensey, Laura Viar, and anyone else involved who thinks that this is just going to get swept under a rug: not on my watch!

Take back your town, Marion. Stop whispering and stand up for what you know is right.

Elizabeth Moore
Belt, Montana

Last modified Nov. 1, 2023