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LETTERS: County taking for itself?

County taking for itself?

To the editor:

Reading about the appearance of Mike Beneke and Gary Diepenbrock before the county commission last week prompted me to address the underlying issue.

What happens to a society of free people when its government robs from its base to enhance its own self-image? Can we name one thing that government gives us without taking it from us and securing itself first? Even those who receive benefits, those benefits come from the producers, not from government.

Resources always come from the producers. No government ever produces anything of itself. It robs from its own people and then, by deceitful means, makes the people think it is for our good. Its end is to preserve itself by any means, even if it means destroying the very thing that feeds it and everyone else. We can only blame ourselves.

Large farms and big equipment exist to feed the millions who depend on them for their food. Isn’t that why it’s important to provide good roads for those who grow the food? That should be a priority. Who will pay for that $7 million commissioners say is “reasonable” to expand government facilities? It keeps on taking from that which feeds it and throws out a few crumbs in return. Government gets bigger and “We the People” get smaller.

It always comes back to this: Government takes, period.

Jerry Plett,

Last modified July 9, 2015