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LETTERS: Don't dump electronics

Upon reading the front page article in the Marion County Record, Jan. 16, and seeing the photo of computers being thrown into a trash dumpster, I was prompted to seek out proper disposal options for “e-waste.” After calling to find out that Marion County has no official program set up, I called a Best Buy store in Wichita.

They take e-waste at all of their locations and post the list of accepted equipment on their website, We immediately took two old computers, including monitors, speakers, printers, fax machine, and keyboards to the store on an already planned trip.

There is no charge for this service, and they are recycled or properly disposed of. They pull out the hard drives from the computers and give those to you so there is no danger of your stored information being at risk.

As technology continues to advance, we are often left with outdated, unusable items. We need to not deposit them in landfills.

Eileen Sieger, Marion

Last modified Jan. 31, 2013