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LETTERS: Former resident laments endangered building

When we received our Marion County Record and one of the bylines was entitled “An endangered species” I expected to read about an animal, not a piece of historic downtown Marion! As I continued reading about the Marion County commissioners’ plan for the 1887 J. Bowron Building I could scarcely believe what I was reading!

I was born and raised in Marion. We, however left Marion 13 years ago, so of course, we have not been paying taxes. However, as a longtime resident, Marion will always be very dear to us; I just want to make sure it will always be there!

Since moving from Kansas, we have traveled many trips back and forth, North Carolina to Kansas. Bill is always adventurous and takes the scenic routes! Do you know where those scenic routes take us? To many small, welcoming, often historic towns off the highway. Few have Wal-Marts, but all have friendly folks, interesting and appealing downtowns, and/or residential neighborhoods. Those small towns may not have a lot to offer, but what they do have, they certainly know how to promote and reap the benefits for their community.

Excellent restorations in Marion already include the library, the newly renovated city building, and the Elgin Building. Three buildings are already on the National Historic Register and one on the State Historic Register. Why not save another historic site? Your grand County Court House, a magnificent city park and a number of homes already restored to their original beauty by individual homeowners, are very positive reflections of Marion. With the new schools, and aquatic center you already have the blueprint for a city to be built upon from the past and one which can grow and prosper into the future! Commissioners, please reconsider. There must be a better way!

Teresa Higgins

Last modified Aug. 18, 2011