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Gaza war

To the editor:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu loudly protests that Hamas fighters hang out below or near civilian buildings so they can use people as human shields.

If that is the case, why wouldn’t Netanyahu take the manly approach and simply sidestep buildings by sending Israeli forces into tunnels to confront Hamas directly?

Instead, he chooses to smash hordes of civilian buildings to pieces above the ground hoping he will hit a Hamas soldier or two in the process.

Going after innocent family members of bad guys is a tactic used by gangster organizations in the U.S. and by the Russian GRU.

Netanyahu’s use of the same strategy, only on a much larger scale, proves he is a terrorist criminal just like Hamas.

Nearly 70% of dead and wounded Gazans are women, children, and the elderly. But that’s OK because Netanyahu doesn’t like human shields any more than he likes Hamas.

Kimball Shinkoskey
Woods Cross, Utah

Last modified Nov. 8, 2023