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Mrs. Abrahams

Dear Santa,

I am wishing for a .22 rifle, a Patrick Mahomes jersey, a Realtree Nerf Dart gun, new sunglasses and snow on Christmas. I hope you’re staying warm.

Jeremiah Carr

Dear Santa,

I would like a remote control fishing truck, a computer more boots and ice cream cones, a remote control boat. A jet ski and trailer. I’ll leave out cookies and milk for you.

Garrett Bartel

Dear Santa,

If you come to my house I’ll make you cookie. I want a Barbie Ambulance and a TV for my room and more Barbies. Also a new puppy.


Mrs. Boldt

Dear Santa,

I been good and kind. Please bring me a dinosaur.


Dear Santa,

I would like fireworks for Christmas and to go camping.

Creed Craighead

Dear Santa,

I wamt bath paint, regular paint.

Landry Thiessen

Dear Santa,

I would like a Pokemon cards and binder. I would also like guns and a bow and arro to. I would also like an xbox. Thank you.

Daytona Odle

Dear Santa,

I want a pocket nife and a rc car.

Colson Loewen

Dear Santa,

I would please like a Mario Kart 4 I See racer and please stay warm and snd more snow our way!

Greg Clements II

Dear Santa,

I’ve been good this year. For Christmas I would like Disney Barbies, An L.O.L doll and clothes. I am a size 6 or a 7 in kids. If you can, thank you so much.

Destiney Mickel

Dear Santa,

Can you please give me a horse for Christmas?

Madelyn Jost

Dear Santa,

How is the North Pole? I want a marble run and a rock you can paint for Christmas. I hope you get all your presents delivered. Have a Merry Christmas.

Tate Huebert

Dear Santa,

Why is Alex (our elf at home) so silly? What is your favorite cookie? I would like to have one of your reindeer for Christmas to keep at my farm. You can still borrow him for Christmas.

Nolan Chisholm

2nd grade

Mrs. Fish

Dear Santa,

I want: glow in the dark gloves, powerranger action figer, lego set, 1 hundred puzzle piece, hubergenie toy car, par of sock, bit cote and a soft blanket.

Logan Raymond

Dear Santa,

What I whuht four Christmas is maybe a scatbord, scarf, toys, and sum cand cane and sum candy and sum prezents.


Dear Santa,

I ant som arts and crafts. I want some gliter and earings to. I also want a doll house and some barbie dolls. But I have to share all that stuf with my sister.


Dear Santa,

I hope I am no notey this Christmas because it would not be fun and I mis Picse so that is good that it is omost Christmas and I can’t wate to see my cosins.

Claire Jean Duerksen

Dear Santa,

I want my mom and dad to have a good time. I want to have a good time too. I want to tell you that you have done well. Thank you.

Blakely Kroeker

Dear Santa,

Can I get a hoverboard a bike a football a drone a phone!!!

Braxton Klenda

Dear Santa,

I wood like a puppy for Christmas and I want a stuffed pupy for Christmas and a toy puppy for Christmas and a toy cat and a stuffed black dog.

Emelia Hiebert

Dear Santa,

Santa, I can trust you. I wloud like to visit you but I can’t. Can I get a fun thing if I can I will want a fiset toy for next year.


Dear Santa,

Can I have At-At lago set and a stuffy.

Kian Huebert

Dear Santa,

I want a baby that has shoos and baby food. Some Barbys. More earreags and for the baby close I want a Pachrik mhoms jrzee and travis celsee jrzee.

Peyton Scheele

Dear Santa,

I wot sum clos and a doll house and bos I hop I get a dollhouse a gus wat it I gus role wot it.


Dear Santa,

Thanks for all of the presents. But why did you get my sister a fone but why did you not get me a vilen. I love you so much, Santa.


Dear Santa,

Thank you for the presents. But mostly what I love the most about Christmas is you. You work realy hard. Your elves work very hard too. What I want for Christmas is a oculus, hair chock, head set, Christmas pejase, remot control for swich. And you. My fravoret Christmas song is all I want for Christmas is you. You are my fravoret person on Christmas day. I love you Santa so much.

Kinsley Hernandez

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