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LETTERS: Invest in your community

To the editor:

Bud Pierce once said, “We have all drank water out of a well that somebody else dug.”

Others such as my uncle Tom Hett, Rocky Hett, and Lynn Christiansen stepped forward and built new buildings in Marion to keep from losing their farm equipment dealerships. They took a chance with others like the Crofoots, the Richmonds, the Regniers, and others who not only invested in businesses but the Marion community.

I would encourage people to do the same when it comes to replacing the restrooms and gazebo in Central Park.

We surely have enough pride in Marion, the surrounding area, and from others who called Marion home to raise funds to build new restrooms and a gazebo in Central Park. Please give what you can give and challenge your friends, neighbors, classmates, and relatives to give what they can to the project.

I have proudly supported the project by making a donation to the Marion Advancement Campaign, believing in building something for future generations to enjoy.

Clifford Hett, rural Marion

Marion Advancement Campaign’s mailing address is PO Box 256, Marion, KS 66861.

Last modified Feb. 28, 2013