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LETTERS: Leaders not meeting expectations

To the editor:

I have a question to whoever feels qualified to answer. Why is it so hard for anybody to follow established rules, or laws, if you will?

The people in this city have elected a mayor and a city council. They in turn hired a city administrator. It was said he had good qualifications.

He should be able to complete the job given to him and voted upon by the council. As long as a vote has not been changed, it is presumptuous at the very least and maybe illegal to change the trash pickup at his order.

And the council, writing a performance evaluation for Mr. Kjellin is their job, not his work team. It must be very uncomfortable for them to be asked to do so. I think it can only come out with a biased result.

Please, everybody, do the job you are asked to do; you sleep better and we bitch less.

Nicky Hoffman, Marion

Last modified July 19, 2012