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Dear Santa,

Can you get me these thing? Hoverboerd, more squishmoloes, a Talor Swift statue, a girl elf on the shelf, my own iPad, the whole seres of dogman, a KC swet shirt.

No name on Christmas card

Dear Santa,

I want a stuffed dog.

Love, Charleigh C.

Dear Santa,

I would like a pet butterfly, some tight black pants and a Barbie. I will leave you a gingerbread cookie and a coke. Bring my sister, Braylee a bracelet kit. I love you.

Vada Grosse

Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is Grinch stuff and max stuff, Legos, remote control car and a crayon set. I would also like for you to bring my sister some Minnie Mouse stuff and something for mom and dad too! I have been good this year. I get up for school and dress myself. I try to be helpful with my sister.

Greyson Miller

Dear Santa,

How are you doing? I want to get a calico mall for Christmas.

Love Roz

Dear Santa,

Calvin would like to know how the elves are doing. He wonders how they make toys so quickly and how they are paid. He thinks they get paid in candy! Calvin would also like some additional cars to go with his car racing set he got last year. Merry Christmas, Santa.

Calvin Collett

Dear Santa,

Please can I have a excavator and pretend dirt like the castle from the beach? It’s snowy outside today. Thank you.

Eli Taulbee

Dear Santa,

Merry Christmas! I have been a good boy this year. At least the best an energetic boy can be. I really love cars but I would like Legos of my own. I’m always making my brother mad when I play with his Legos.

Tidus Bruckner

Dear Santa,

I would like a toy train and a Barbie dream house. I also want tons of Barbie dolls, a remote controlled unicorn that walks and dances, and a little Christmas tree with ornaments. I have been good all year.

Lela Anne Holland

Dear Santa,

I would like Transformer, a Squirtle toy you can feel, a Pokemon blanket, and a Pikachu keychain.

Emmit Klenda

Dear Santa,

I would please like some monster trucks. I really like Mohawk Warrior. He is my favorite. I also really want a puppy

Michael Tully

Dear Santa,

I want a 3’ long unicorn. Where is the North Pole? Thank you.

Lillian Taulbee

Dear Santa,

I want a racetrack with race cars that has two controllers. I also want a toy guitar and robot dog.

Daniel Klenda

Dear Santa,

Slime, makeup, laptop, gymnast Barbie, kinetic sand, pink high tops, squishmallows, facemasks, nutela, pink childrens camera.

Rilee Wyss

Dear Santa,

Hoverboard whith gocart attachment,Ford Mustang hoodie, golden retriever puppy, Adidas shoes, Play State Four, Logitech GE 29, the movie like Mike, mailman stocking hat, dirt bike motel, aiphone seven.


Dear Santa,

Slime, makeup, iPad, kinetic sand, overalls, ankle bracelet, pink high top shoes, gymnast Barbie, squishmallows, face masks, nutela.


Dear Santa,

I want a hoverboard, guitar, trumpet.

James Klenda

Dear Santa,

This year for Christmas I would like an Encanto dollhouse with the characters.

Ruby Johnson

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