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LETTERS: Mayor ready to accept sponge fight challenge

To the editor:

I am writing to respond to the article Eric Meyer wrote in the June 27 paper.

I think he may be onto a way to fund the streets around the Courthouse.

If admission is charged to the sponge fight he suggested between County Commissioner Dan Holub and myself, maybe could raise the funds needed for the street project!

I am open to the idea, especially in this hot weather. We could involve the other council and commission members, too.

The doorbell just rang. It was someone with my first sponge. Several people have offered one, so maybe there would be no expense for the weapons.

On the alley repair subject, I want to explain my vote.

In my five years as mayor, I have had several conversations about the condition of the alleys in the downtown area.

After a budget workshop, the council was informed of the lack of funds for these repairs.

Therefore, in a conversation with City Manager Doug Kjellin the next day after the regular meeting, I expressed the idea again that a plan for the downtown alley repair projects should be made, rather than the “just fix when it seems to be a hurry” plan.

If I am offered a plan to see all the alleys addressed, I will be ready to vote.

Thanks for creating an entertaining and informative article, Eric!

Mayor Mary Olson 

Last modified July 11, 2012