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LETTERS: Men and women complement each other

After reading Mary Clemmer’s letter in last week’s paper, I belatedly read the column by Pat Wick and her frustration with being a woman. All I can say is that I truly feel sorry for her if that is really how she feels about herself.

I appreciated Mary’s letter and would like to respond as a man who is a husband. If my wife finds great pleasure in being for me, does that make her less of a woman? And if she does, would I not want to be the same for her?

It seems that to be otherwise is to discredit the very essence of our creation. It really is not about who serves who or who is more important, but what makes us who we are. Why were we created as man and woman? Were we made to compete with each other or to complement each other?

In the true sense, a wife is much more to a man than someone who cooks, cleans, and picks up after him. To be a woman is a wonderful thing. If someone despises his or her responsibility, does it mean that parenting is evil? We all were born as a result of a dad and mom. Is it dishonorable for a woman to be a woman and a man to be a man? Because some people fail in their responsibility, is the institution that’s the basis of our existence evil?

Jerry Plett, rural Lincolnville

Last modified April 4, 2012