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LETTERS: Moving forward

To the editor:

When the police raid on the offices of the Marion County Record and homes of Joan Meyer and her son, Eric, and Vice Mayor Ruth Herbel hit the airwaves on the evening of Aug. 11, it prompted me to do additional research to answer questions in my mind.

My research took me to the Internet and various news articles and video coverage.

It would appear Kari Newell went to a city council meeting and the newspaper office making accusations without making sure her ducks were lined up with facts before shooting at them.

Then the Hitler-like thug squad descended, concurrently, upon the newspaper office and home of Joan Meyer and her son based upon an illegal search warrant provided to the Marion city police chief by way of Magistrate Judge Laura Viar.

So how does Marion move forward after all this unwanted national negative publicity?

Perhaps an intense investigation of the police chief and magistrate judge needs to be conducted and disciplinary action taken. 

What is a police officer from Kansas City, Missouri, doing in Marion? Are there not local police officers who could have filled the position of police chief?

What is a magistrate judge with two DUI convictions on her record doing handing out illegal search warrants in Marion? Does anyone believe she could hand out unbiased judgments on others?

It was heartbreaking watching the video of a defenseless 98-year-old Joan Meyer in her home while police went rifling through personal papers and confiscating electronic equipment.

She did not deserve that, and had Police Chief Gideon Cody used compassion and common sense, this whole incident might not have culminated in her death the next day.

As for those individuals who think it is their God-given right to get in a vehicle while intoxicated and drive down the road, do you really think you have the right to jeopardize another’s life?

Laws are laws that are put into effect for a reason. Nobody forces one to drink and drive.

Sometimes the consequences are not favorable and can linger around for the rest of one’s life. But the answer is not to be deceitful and try to garner special favors (a liquor license) to which one is not entitled to.

A time for healing can start with an apology to the staff of the Marion County Record and to the owners of the homes that were raided.

I believe Joan Meyer would have appreciated that.

Where are all the good people?

Arlene Stika, Lincolnville

Last modified Aug. 31, 2023