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LETTERS: Physician asks for help

To the editor:

I would like to ask for the hospital board’s and community’s help in recruiting and supporting a physician to join my practice. I have practiced in Marion for nearly 30 years, seen multiple doctors come and go, and have dedicated my medical career to the Marion area.

Since the departure of Dr. Hall a few years ago, the burden of practicing solo even with the help of a mid-level practitioner has become very difficult. What most people do not understand is that the presence of the hospital-managed clinic and their practitioners, whether they be mid-level providers or physicians, is no help to my practice and does not relieve that burden.

The best recruiting effort through the years has always been “a friend of a friend,” or the awareness of someone who might know of a good family medicine physician. That physician would be joining a stable work environment and needs to be willing to share a small practice while building a practice of their own.

I ask each of you to take a minute and think of whether or not you may know that physician, or know someone who might know of such a person. Without the ability to share a practice with another physician, it is unclear whether I will be able to continue to practice in Marion until I retire, which has always been my plan. Your suggestions can be mailed to me at 537 S. Freeborn, Marion, KS 66861, or called to (620) 382-3722.

Dr. Don W. Hodson, M.D.

Last modified March 29, 2012