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LETTERS: Respect the flag

To the editor:

While we were at the 2014 Marion Old Settlers’ Day parade, something became evident that was different from other times and events.

With the passing of the Honor Guard at the front of the parade, there were very few who stood at attention with visible respect for the American flag on display. There were also a notable number of viewers who remained seated during the display of the star-spangled banner as it passed.

There are no laws regarding proper respect to the U.S. flag. There are written instructions to guide us about proper demeanor and display of our American flag.

To our dismay, I do not know if this is how far we have come, or how far we are in regression. Please think on it. I vote for old-fashioned patriotism.

It was a terrific parade and a beautiful day.

Sincerely and heartfelt,

Bob Maxwell


Last modified Oct. 23, 2014