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To the editor:

Last summer and fall our country endured protests, looting, burning, destruction of property, assaults on police, and deaths in many cities run by Democrat leaders.

Many on the left didn’t criticize, show outrage, or urge elected officials to ask for help. Instead, they were cheerleaders and fundraisers.

Then, when the riot on the Capitol building occurred, (which was very wrong and I condemn) close to their safety, they were outraged, cried for more police, and blamed president Trump. Some painted him and his supporters as insurrectionists, and white supremacists.

Later, new facts emerged. One BLM rioter who was there inciting the rioters was arrested. The FBI had advanced information that an attack was being planned and apparently didn’t act on it, well before the president’s speech on Jan. 6. Talk about a double standard!

I am a proud Trump supporter who wants to voice my opinion before freedom of speech is censored. Big tech ogliarchs have already shut down our former president and anyone on their platforms whose views don’t align with theirs will be next in line.

I am not racist, a white supremacist, or an insurrectionist. I am a concerned patriot who is very worried about our country’s future.

The Biden administration, filled with many very radical and influential persons in power, wants to lead us down a path to socialism.

America will be transformed, as Biden promised, but not for the better. For a party that speaks of unity, many spew hatred and divisive speech. The outcome of this election (filled with irregularities and downright fraud), was disappointing to Trump voters.

Before 2022, please be educated, not indoctrinated, on the candidates and their true agenda. Watch the news on other channels, rather than the mainstream liberal media. To all like-minded Americans, let’s pray that the “MAGA movement’ will not quietly fade into the sunset. May God bless the USA.

Sonja and Martin Koslowsky

Last modified Jan. 21, 2021