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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: 2012 story an interesting read

A friend gave me a copy of the article by Rowena Plett published in the Marion County Record on Nov. 7, 2012, titled, “Early Farmers Plowed Route Between Homes.”

I am a great-great-granddaughter of Daniel Brundage, who is mentioned in the article and who founded the Spring Valley Mennnonite Church near the Marion/McPherson County border.

A book of Brundage family history recounts that, “Since there were no roads, and the Mennonites were scattered, an interesting account was given of a furrow which was plowed with an ox-team from the present site of Marion, Kan., west, terminating one mile north of the Spring Valley Mennonite Church. This 21-mile furrow served as an unfailing guide, not only to the Mennonites, but to all the early settlers in this vicinity. The furrow was plowed by Daniel and Christian Brundage and Daniel McNicol. This road later was known as the Marion road, and in certain seasons of the year, numerous caravans traveled to and from the western harvest field.”

Thank you for an interesting read.

Diane Mason
Moulton, Iowa

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