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A lifesaver

To the editor:

On April 24, my family experienced first-hand the value of Mike Regnier’s extensive experience and years’ long commitment to Marion Fire Department.

While back visiting friends and the community she enjoyed so much, my mom, Carol McFarland, had a sudden cardiac event.

Without Mike’s immediate CPR along with the EMS care she received on the way to Wichita, it’s very likely my mom would not have made it to get the additional medical care she needed.

What’s more, Mike’s quick action has helped ensure a quality of life for her that oxygen deprivation from delayed or lower quality CPR would not have allowed.

We hope that this note raises awareness of the valuable service provided by Mike and others in your community.

If you know Mike or other volunteers who give of their energy and sacrifice their own time with family so that we have more time with my mom, we hope you will take a moment to thank them for their service to the community.

The work done by these volunteers is vital — and, as many of you know, Marion Fire Department has an occasional cadet program that, when there’s interest, seeks to train vital future volunteers.

Take a moment to encourage young people you know who are willing and able to apply to train as the next generation of volunteers.

For those that can’t give of their own time and talents, consider giving of your treasure to support the invaluable work of the people who volunteer.

We will be forever grateful to Mike Regnier — and, by extension, his family for giving him up occasionally so that others like my mom can be helped when in need.

Tracy McFarland , Dallas

Last modified June 15, 2023