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Bounty hunters

To the editor:

We of the Kansas Association of Licensed Investigators, representing our membership and the private investigators of Kansas, would like to bring to your attention that there is a distinct difference between private investigators as defined under KSA 75- 7b01 et seq, and bail enforcement agents and bounty hunters under KSA 75-7e01 et seq.

Kansas legislature passed the bail enforcement agents act, which took effect July 1, 2017, to separate a bounty hunter from a private investigator.

Through both subjects in the article were licensed under both acts, the two were not acting as private investigators when they allegedly committed the actions described in the article.

The actions alleged in the article have been reported to the attorney general, and their investigations into the allegations will determine the status of actions against the two concerning both their private investigator and bail enforcement agent licenses.

If the allegations are justified, then proper actions will be taken.

Also, we would politely ask that you make corrections as to the differences between the two as stated in the article. The actions described in the article are those in which private investigators could be negatively affected and affect the industry as a whole.

We of KALI only condone ethical, moral, and legal actions of our members. We pursue these goals to ensure the profession and the standards of our industry.

Robert L. McCaslin
Kansas Association
of Licensed Investigators

Last modified April 22, 2021