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to the editor

Callous comment

To the Editor:

I live six miles from Marion, so the article written about the Christmas decoration incentive did not impact on me.

What did concern me was the callous remark about the Christmas decorations at Marion County Lake.

We have no incentives to decorate other than the joy it brings to hundreds of people. There is NO “keeping up with the Joneses” and we get no monetary break from our electric bills at the lake.

I have untangled strings of lights and hung them from the eaves and trees and when all decorating was finished it didn’t look like the Vegas Strip as you stated in your column. It looked like Christmas, with nativity scenes, snowmen, lights, music, and Santa.

The thanks we get warm our hearts.

The biggest thanks this holiday season is knowing that the Grinch lives 600 miles away. If the Grinch would happen to visit this holiday season, drive around the lake. Maybe his heart will grow two sizes bigger.

Margie Schwartz
Marion County Lake

Last modified Dec. 15, 2016