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to the editor

City should be more helpful

To the editor:

The mayor should be ashamed of himself. What is this city about? Is it a nice place to live where government supports the citizens or humiliates them in a city meeting? Apparently it is about humiliating them.

The city should be supporting their citizens, nurturing them to grow and supporting them in business. When a senior citizen on a fixed income is having trouble with his property, the city should be there to help. When a citizen gets their restaurant seized TWICE, the city should be there to help. When a business owner cannot make the payments to the city and walks away from his business, the city should be there to help.

What is the Economic Development Division doing about all these problems? Putting meaningless ads in the paper? Yes, they did.

What we need is Economic Development to help the citizens in the following ways:

When someone has dilapidated property affecting the visual aesthetics of the city, they should step in and help.

When someone has their business seized by the state and seized again, they should come in and help them with their bookkeeping and give them business advice on how to keep from being seized again.

Economic Development is not just about bringing in new businesses but it MUST be about helping those businesses that are already here.

And, don’t get me started about the county commission disobeying all rules about property tax breaks. It appears that if you have a ‘friend’ on the county commission, you do not have to follow any rules. Shame on you.

Katherine Young


Last modified March 19, 2015