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Coming together

To the editor:

Each party thinks the other party is delusional, but let’s look at reality here. We no longer have a two-party system. It has evolved into a four-party system.

There are the Democrats, the Independents, the conservative Republicans, and the MAGA Republicans. Then there are the ones so confused by the chaos and hatred that they probably choose not to vote.

Unaffiliated citizens want to determine who to vote for based on their beliefs, merits, and promises — not the party with which they are affiliated.

Yes, there is a crisis at the border, but there was one before 2020. Children were being separated from their parents, and hundreds of them never were matched back up. They were kept in cages like animals. Then the border was opened, and floods of immigrants showed up.

From one extreme to the other, I agree. But our country was created with immigrants, and we need the immigrants. We also need more rules to control migration. Locking them up in cages and separating children from their parents is not the answer.

A plan was agreed to by both parties, but because of the influence of one person, it did not get approved. My question is why are we allowing one person to dictate what we do and believe in?

We need to settle down and quit chastising each party and do what needs to be done to actually create the best and strongest country in the world again.

We are a poor example of what we used to be because of bullying and lies starting more than 10 years ago.

I want to see this country strong and fair and joined together without name-calling and playing the blame game.

We need to listen to and hear both sides before making our decisions at the voting booth, and I mean listen with both ears, without prejudice, and open our eyes to be able to separate truths from lies.

Connie McMahan
North of Tampa

Last modified March 13, 2024