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to the editor

County pay

To the editor:

Regarding commissioners adjusting government pay: What if we as taxpayers wouldn’t pay our property taxes? What would we lose? What services?

To get anything from government, it has to come from us. Right? But before that can happen, they pay themselves and those they employ and they decide what to pay. Wouldn’t it make more sense if we just kept what we earned and provided for ourselves? And why are they comparing their wages to outside counties that are more urban and we more rural?

Thinking of services, they can’t even keep our roads for our benefit. They don’t open the culverts when maintaining the roads. Some roads are lower than the fields, so any snow blows them shut. Yet they pay themselves more for their so-called hard work.

Does government ever have enough? The more it takes, the less we as taxpayers have. Our local government only will have enough when it has taken all personal responsibility away. Whether we like it or not, without the taxpayer, government couldn’t exist.

If we pay taxes to keep government going and get nothing for it, and if the taxes we pay rob us of being responsible to ourselves, what is our future?

Jerry Plett

Last modified Jan. 31, 2018