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Endorsing Holland

To the editor:

Recently, we met Mark Holland, Democratic candidate for U.S. senator from Kansas.

I believe he is indeed the best person to serve our state in Congress. He expressed his positions very well in person, and I now have read his op-ed in the Marysville Advocate and am using his own words for reference and accuracy.

Mark is a third-generation pastor. His mother was a teacher. He believes that you can work with individuals who are both right and left, but if you cannot see the center from where you are standing, you are likely standing in the wrong place.

He states that he trusts women but that his opponent has co-sponsored 75 different bills to take away choice for women. His opponent gave $50,000 to the Vote Yes campaign in Kansas.

Holland believes in separation of church and state, supports working families, and common-sense gun reform.

He will back our seniors and protect Social Security and Medicare. His opponent voted against Medicare negotiating better prescription medicine costs and against capping the cost of insulin.

Holland will defend our democracy while his opponent refused to investigate Jan. 6 or to renew the Voting Rights Act.

Kansas does not need another weathervane, according to Holland. His opponent, he states, has spent 20 years in Washington, weakly following political winds.

“The result of his lack of leadership is a government that is as toxic as any in our lifetimes,” Holland said.

I believe he deserves your vote.

Eileen Sieger, Marion

Last modified Oct. 26, 2022