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Is enough, enough?

To the editor:

Frustration continues to boil over between Marion County residents and the way the court system seems to allow frequent jail regulars to run free with minimal punishment.

How much more is it going to take before something is done about this band of thieves and addicts wreaking havoc throughout the county?

How many more times do certain people need to be arrested before there’s no escape, especially when it’s usually drugs they’re picked up for?

Thefts occur county wide to fuel this outfit’s addiction, yet local law enforcement appears powerless to shut them down and the court system doesn’t keep them behind bars.

You know you’ve got problems when invaders from surrounding counties constantly breeze into town, only to get nabbed for dope.

Word is there’s a manufacturer of methamphetamines in town, which seems to reel scoundrels in statewide, such as the case with a current Marion County inmate that’s been there since December.

Many believe shutting them down would cause big problems for the addicts, however, it’s a safe bet the real “head of the snake” is outside the county.

Arguably the town’s biggest problem as well as their family members are no strangers to Harvey and McPherson County law enforcement, either, however, they miraculously continue to walk away.

As a citizen of Marion for nearly 20 years, it’s getting downright disgusting to see what’s happening to good people at the mercy of these addicts.

A Dickinson County menace has been picked up in McPherson and Harvey County, along with many arrests in Marion, with Newton recently coming in back-to-back weeks.

Mandatory drug treatment was all this habitual violator got handed by county court for all the problems caused, which one would assume he’s still free to meddle in illegal activities.

Social media was recently buzzing on a local site with a picture of a sinister-looking, masked marauder prowling around a county resident’s property searching for belongings to steal.

While it might be frightening to some adults, imagine being a young child and witnessing such activity.

It’s becoming unsafe not just for adults but certainly our young people, which appears to have little concern to those entitled to do something about it.

Possible solutions that would maybe provide some relief to angry county residents could be slapping the jail regulars with outrageous bonds the Average Joe can’t afford, or none at all.

Nail them, they won’t be going anywhere for a while.

Another good idea is to install the Bat signal out at the airport and hope the Caped Crusader can see it.

Pandemonium’s running amok in our county and it’s time to put this outfit out of commission.

Name withheld

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