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KPTS apologizes

To the editor:

In response to the June 19 article regarding the agreement between KPTS and the City of Marion, please let me explain the situation.

First of all, KPTS apologizes for the challenges that led to our lapse in broadcasting the 30-second promotional spot we agreed to show 36 times over the course of the year. Our small staff faced a perfect storm in not being able to deliver.

Our production crew produced a spot and had it scheduled to air, but it was not approved by city officials. They wanted it to include a picturesque shot of the sun setting over Marion Lake.

Our intent was to comply with this request; however, at that point, the gloom of late autumn had set in, and for an extended period there were very few beautiful sunsets to be captured.

At the same time, the KPTS account executive assigned to the Marion account suffered a stroke, and that left a number of tasks in limbo and unfinished until his replacement could be hired.

Let me point out that KPTS has been broadcasting a 10-second spot promoting the City of Marion. This video has aired at least once a day since the contract was approved in 2017.

The video includes a scene at the lake as well as downtown, and it explains that KPTS is “also serving Marion — outdoor adventures, award-winning schools, friendly and relaxed living.”

In addition, a new 30-second video with the requested changes has been completed and approved by the city and has begun airing. KPTS will now broadcast this new spot 36 times in accordance with the agreement.

KPTS appreciates the $920 in support from the City of Marion. In return, the city is getting promotion across half the state of Kansas at just a small fraction of what it would cost on a commercial television station.

In addition to our partnership, KPTS is Marion’s advocate. We featured the historic Elgin Hotel on our program “Positively Kansas” to much acclaim.

We would like to further showcase the community on upcoming episodes, and welcome any ideas from community leaders and other citizens for interesting, positively stories.

Again, KPTS is very sorry for dropping the ball in this situation. Let me assure you, it will NOT happen again.

Victor A. Hogstrom
President & CEO, KPTS

Last modified June 27, 2018