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LGBT flag fumble

To the editor:

You folks have a unique way of getting into the statewide news, and it’s over a kid painting his parking space at Marion High School. Geez.

So some unknown assailant pours tar over a kid’s painting; makes me wonder if they also feathered it. Knowing some of the locals’ personal preferences on things like that, it causes me to wonder. But none of this surprises me.

So the principal allows the kid to paint the design, then when complained to, he makes a 180-degree turn and tells the kid to re-paint it. Why? This isn’t the first time this principal has caved to the demands of a few folks. The MHS principal should have stood up for the rights of his student, missing out on a great opportunity to demonstrate honest and decent leadership to students watching his every move. What a huge opportunity to be a role model for the kids, and he chose to ignore it.

When talking about the painting and what it stands for, one of the seniors said, “A lot of people think it makes the community look bad…” And this entire incident does make the community look bad — makes it look intolerant, makes it look petty, makes it look weak, and makes it look just butt-ugly. It looks like all those things because it is all those things. How sad.

You’re all still living in a time of June Cleaver preparing supper for the Beaver every evening. Time has gone on by and left you folks floundering, but that’s OK with you all. I learned from my years of observing the behaviors of locals that 1960 was a very good year and that’s where you’ve lived ever since with your views, morals, beliefs, and actions. Cell phones and computers are the exceptions.

“It makes me really sad that somebody in the community did it because they’re supposed to be the adults here,” and “They’re the ones acting like the children.” Well said. Unfortunately, there are many adults in your community that would smile at the thought of anything gay-related receiving a good coat of tar. How twisted.

May God look down upon you all and speak to your souls. But you’ll have to be willing to look at yourselves with an open mind before it will happen. Good luck with that.

Roger Schwab

Last modified Oct. 4, 2017