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to the editor

Novak undermined

To the editor:

Does anyone care if what Randy Dallke and Kent Becker did was wrong when they voted to accept Nick Kraus’s resignation based on his conditions?

By what authority does Mr. Kraus have to appoint a person to the committee? The bylaws state that only the county commissioners within “their district” can appoint. They can accept his resignation but only Dianne Novak can make that appointment because Nick Kraus was in her district, not Randy Dallke’s or Kent Becker’s. Both of those commissioners had the privilege of making their selected appointments but Mrs. Novak was not given the same privilege without verbal abuse. I wasn’t surprised when Dallke made the motion but I was surprised when Becker followed the motion like a puppet. When Jeff Bina wrote his letter, I was a little surprised on that one also but if he wants to whine so be it. Diane Novak listens to her district and if the people of the Second District said that they want some new blood, who is it for the paper, Dallke, or Becker to say they can’t have it. The vote needs to be rescinded because it was not only wrong, but it was outrageous. Dallke and Becker needs to butt out and follow the rules. Hopefully Kent Becker’s district elects a better person to be their commissioner, that actually thinks for themselves and listens to his or her people in their district, and not be a puppet.

Dina Vogel

(Editor’s note: The February 2017 amended bylaws of the planning and zoning commission state: “Members are appointed by the Governing Body [county commission], and vacancies are filled by appointment for the unexpired term.” No reference is made in the bylaws giving individual commissioners authority to appoint members to the planning and zoning commission.)

Last modified Jan. 24, 2018