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Novak urged to resign

To the editor:

This is an informal request for Marion County Commissioner Dianne Novak to resign her position.

Besides sharing false information from far-right propaganda machine and pro-Donald Trump “news” network One America News Network (OANN), she has also posted several anti-LGBTQ+, racist, discriminatory, and pro-violence posts on her public Facebook page.

It is also clear that Dianne Novak is unable to keep a clear head when faced with criticism.

In a meeting with fellow county commissioners, Ms. Novak experienced a meltdown when those who originally voted against a mask mandate in the county were criticized in a recent article, calling the Marion County Record a “socialist” newspaper and verbally assaulting the author.

Ms. Novak has also stated multiple times that she will never wear a mask, even though COVID-19 cases are continuing to soar in Marion County and ALL hospitals in Kansas are at max capacity and some are performing triage.

It is obvious that personal comfort and convenience is more important to Ms. Novak than the safety of the citizens that she represents.

Someone who cannot appropriately fact-check her information or is uneducated in how to do so is not someone who should be representing Marion County and its constituents.

Hateful and discriminatory speech against someone’s sexuality, religion, race, and place of birth is not something that should be shared on a political leader’s public social media page, no matter how small the position.

It is also unnerving to see someone so blatantly worship a political figure.

Again, this is an informal requested for Ms. Dianne Novak to resign her position as Marion County commissioner, effective immediately. I will not stop until this issue is resolved.

Brooklyn L. Wiens

Last modified Dec. 17, 2020