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to the editor

Old Settlers’ thanks

To the Editor:

After experiencing yet another Old Settlers’ Day weekend, I continue to be amazed at the way the community works to support this event.

Like many large events, it takes many volunteers working behind the scenes to make the weekend happen. From class officers organizing reunions, to Kiwanis club members working to organize the parade and events in the park, to school sponsors and students building floats, to city workers, there are so many examples of people who give of their time to make the weekend a success. Many do so without asking for recognition, just being content to help where they can. They all deserve our thanks.

One such individual is Rick Burky. For the past five years, he has brought the city trash truck up to the school parking lot to provide a convenient way to clean up the trash from the school floats.

He provides this service by donating his time, and he is usually there for two to three hours. In years prior to this, the trash would overflow the dumpster and be a huge mess when picked up the following Monday.

When asked, Rick simply said that he felt this was a way that he could contribute to the weekend. Thank you to Rick and all of the other volunteers who donate their time.

Mark Meyer
MHS FFA adviser

Last modified Sept. 29, 2016