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Parties reversed

To the Editor,

I came from a lifelong family of Democrats, and I continued to follow that pattern behind my parents and grandparents in their time. They always commented how it was the Democratic party that bought electricity to rural areas.

However, as the Democratic party became so liberal and radical, I realized nearly 20 years ago that it was no place for me as it no longer represented my principals and values. It is not the Democratic party of yesterday. The Democratic party of today has been sabotaged with a socialist and communist agenda geared at transforming the minds of our youth.

For some years, the liberal left has been stirring up the race agenda and using it as a tool for their political purposes. I listened to a black, conservative American on one TV network who was a historian.

He described how the goal of the liberal left is to use their propaganda to manipulate the facts and lead as many Americans especially black Americans to follow like sheep to the slaughter. They do not want them to be independent thinkers. Sadly, most TV networks have become liberal stations orchestrated by a higher power dedicated to censoring and silencing conservative voices. PBS also has fallen into this path of liberalism.

The historian continued to describe how in the early years of our country’s founding that it was the Democrats who supported slavery. Abraham Lincoln, a Republican president, was the one responsible for bringing freedom to the slaves and abolishing slavery. During those years, it was customary to own slaves and blacks assisted whites in attaining slaves. Factual history lessons have not been taught in America’s schools for far too long!

Racism against black Americans in the past has been an indescribable injustice. Is there still racism and discrimination in America today? Yes, there is, not only against blacks but also against whites as well, especially the young, white male.

The following statement was made which, in my opinion, pretty much sums it up. The liberal Democrats demand that African Americans not be judged by the content of their character, but by the color of their skin. They have defied Martin Luther King.

My vote this election year will be going to President Donald J. Trump!

Micki Siebert, Cedar Point

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