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‘Piece of s***’

To the editor:

So as a longtime nation/ county resident, a fan, a person that grew up there, not gonna lie: You are a piece of s***.

Just sayin’ for once our county fair gets exposure and you wanna call it fake news? You’re the one creating fake news, and you are a P.O.S. for doing such things.

Are you jealous that it was Wichita news that came out and did a story, and you’re jealous that you didn’t get the story?

Are you sad that you’re a piece that can’t make it in the news so you have to start s*** over nothing?

It is people like you that are killing our beloved towns. You want the big city exposure without the big city exposure.

You’re the one that’s killing this town because we don’t have the big city feel. You don’t shop local. You don’t support s*** and when this town gets something, you’re the first to bash it!

You’re the reason we are dying. You’re the one that has no pride and its articles like this that make us look so bad.

We pour our heart and souls in this community, and it’s pieces of s*** like you that tear us down into nothing.

So excuse my language and delete this post but it has been copied and it will get posted every day.

But f*** you for trying to destroy the town that I love and that so many love.

Hillsboro is my home. Hillsboro is my family. And for you to bash it like that is a disgrace. And how dare you try to say that about our fair.

There are so many hard-working people that make it what it is, and you just spit in their face.

You sir are a piece of junk and you will always be known as one as long as I live.

Chad Heuback,
posted via Facebook

Last modified Aug. 2, 2017