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Rebuking Marshall

To the editor:

The Feb. 2 Marion County Record reported that Sen. Roger Marshall came to Tabor College. I wish I had known earlier. What a scene that must have been.

If reporting is accurate, it reports, “Marshall said he wanted to keep schools and businesses from shutting down because of COVID — saying, ‘it’s time to move on from COVID.’”

As if.

As if schools shut down just for the fun of it, for no reason.

As if the virus will go away, just because he’s tired of it.

Sheesh. The virus doesn’t care if he’s tired of it.

Then, “he compared COVID to a bad case of the common cold in most cases.”

Wow. Let him tell that to the family of my next-door neighbor, who died. Let him tell that to the 39 families in Marion County who have held funerals. Let him tell that to the 7,716 families in Kansas that have buried loved ones. Let him tell that to the 900,000 families in the U.S. that buried loved ones.

It was just a bad cold. Wow. 900,000. That’s like one-third of the State of Kansas, dead. It’s more fatalities than any war the U.S. has ever been in.

He is supposed to be a medical doctor but has promoted unproven treatments that have no scientific evidence that they work for COVID.

No wonder presidential chief medical adviser Anthony Fauci whispered “what a moron” under his breath when Marshall and his staff couldn’t find publicly available information about Fauci’s salary.

As tragic as this all is, there’s more about Marshall.

When it came to a simple rubber-stamp vote to accept Electoral College votes, he voted to throw out certified, legitimate votes.

This was a vote to overthrow a free and fair election, without any evidence of any fraud. Sixty failed lawsuits proves that. What does that say about Marshall and democracy?

I have only two questions. Why does this quack still have a medical license? Why is this guy still a senator?

Remember this next time Marshall is up for election. The same for Representatives Tracey Mann, Jake LaTurner, and Ron Estes.

If they hate democracy so much, why are they in Congress? They need to go.

Dr. Fauci was being nice.

Brian D. Stucky

Last modified Feb. 10, 2022