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Safe . . . and sorry

To the editor:

We now have learned of the horrifying walker attack on now police chief Zach Hudlin by an angry 98-year-old woman — in her own home no less. Is there no safe place for law enforcement these days?

Fortunately, officer Hudlin was saved from his perilous situation by the entire Marion police department and half the sheriff’s office. The threat from elderly ladies with walkers seems to be unique to Marion.

Thankfully, due to the restraint of all the officers involved, this did not escalate into an all-out brawl involving hearing aids, grabbers, and all manner of geriatric weaponry.

Just a reminder: The only way to stop a bad person with a walker is a good person with a walker. (Sometimes, a situation gets so absurd, the only thing left to do is laugh at it.)

Mike Brandt
rural Hillsboro

Last modified Dec. 13, 2023