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to the editor

Support for Levi Morris

To the editor:

As a citizen concerned about the direction that our state legislature has taken the past years, we have an opportunity in the 35th District for change. We need a senator who will work to move Kansas in a more positive direction towards reaching financial goals for preserving our quality of life.

Morris, 34, was born in Hutchinson and graduated from Newton High School. He previously practiced law in Harvey County and, for a while, did prosecution work in the Barton County attorney’s office. He is a general practice lawyer who maintains a law office in Lyons, where he now resides. He is a newcomer to the political scene.

If elected, he will work to move Kansas beyond Brownback. He will support funding for improving our public schools; ensure funding for hospitals and mental health care; and above all, work for fair taxation by eliminating the tax exemption for business owners that has caused havoc with the state budget.

Please join me in voting for a fresh new face as our next 35th District Senator.

Carol Reimer Duerksen

Last modified Oct. 27, 2016