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to the editor

Support for Schwartz

To the editor:

As registered Republicans, we are writing to express our support for Jo Schwartz for State Representative. Jo’s campaign slogan is “vote the person, not the party.” We are privileged to know Jo and agree with her slogan in this critical election.

The tax system of Kansas that was implemented by Republican Governor Alf Landon worked well for over 70 years. Brownback’s devastating tax policy radically changed the Kansas tax system, and not for the better. It is time to stop electing people who support policies that are not good for rural Kansas, such as block grant funding of schools. Jo’s opponent is a key supporter of our current governor’s failed tax experiment. 

It is time for change in Topeka. Jo Schwartz will be a true public servant, who represents the interests of Marion County.

Jennifer and Bill Kassebaum

Last modified Oct. 27, 2016