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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Taelyn Pagel article

Taelyn Pagel article

To the editor:

I am utterly astounded at what you are saying about my relative, Brian (Pavlicek). He has been there when I needed him for years. Consider the fact that he dropped everything and took me with him and his wife to get her from the airport when her mother just put her on a plane. Did you know that? He bought her all new clothes, a bed and bedding, and a lot of other things.

I’ve known Brian for my entire life, and it takes a lot to make that man mad. I’ve never even seen him mad. Do you realize you guys at the paper have now 100 percent ruined her relationship with her own father? How does that feel?

Maybe you should think about what you’re doing. How DARE YOU. I’m disgusted to be living in a town that does things like that. I hope whoever was involved gets in trouble or fired.

Maybe next time you should consider not putting my family drama in the paper. I am utterly disgusted. Thank you for making sure we don’t make newcomers welcome to Marion. Good job.

Kaity Goebel

Last modified July 12, 2017