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Towering NIMBYs

To the editor:

I’m 83 years old. During my lifetime, I have been killed by rural telephones, rural electricity, FM radio, television, radar, cell phones, microwave ovens, X-rays, CAT scans, and WiFi.

All of them, at some point, were considered harmful to your health. I have had cancer twice, but neither time could it be connected to any of the above.

During my tenure as Marion mayor (1998-2001), we rezoned all of Marion. The area of concern for a new cell tower was considered commercial, as it was growing commercially and declining residentially.

One of the complainants acquired the property in question knowing it was zoned commercial and is operating a commercial venture from it.

The benefits of Gen 5 WiFi would put us at the leading edge of technology. Must we kneel to every person’s whim, or will we take advantage of leadership?

Max Hayen

Last modified June 6, 2019