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Vote for Ruth Herbel

To the editor:

I do not presently live in Marion, but after living there 20 years, I still want the best for Marion.  This is why I am convinced Ruth Herbel should be on Marion’s city council. 

During the years I was on the city council, she served on the planning and zoning board.  She would take the time necessary to research the zoning regulations when someone had and application for the council to consider.  I could rely on the information she brought to the council as whether the application would meet the regulations or should be denied. She then would follow up to see if the application accepted was not changed or enforced.  I could not find many people who were willing to give up so much of their personal time to volunteer for this important board.  

I am convinced she will serve on the council with the same integrity.  She will take the time to research the agenda issues to make an informed decision. She will then take the time to continue to follow up to see there has been some solution or results for the issue at hand.

When Ruth was working for the USDA in the Marion County office, my husband always wanted Ruth to help in making the big decisions for our farm programs. He knew he could depend on her to make follow-up calls if something came up that needed his attention. 

I hope the voters of Marion are becoming informed voters.  The number of signs a candidate puts up does not ensure the responsibility of the position will be fulfilled. In these last days, try to weigh the pros and cons of the candidate’s willingness to keep the residents informed and be transparent in doing their responsibility.

Mary Olson,

former mayor of Marion

Last modified Oct. 31, 2019