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to the editor

What should we teach the young?

To the editor:

After all that happened at the local high school — the painting of a rainbow flag, the controversy, and reading the letters to the editor last week — I had to respond.

Is this how we want to define freedom, to teach and encourage the young and vulnerable among us to defy how we are so wonderfully made? Is this what we expect from our leaders?

Seems there are many among us who have made themselves teachers and leaders. Are they not responsible to lead and teach right? If they teach otherwise, are they not defying that which gives purpose to who we are?

Why do they do this? Is it that they despise who we are as male and female? Are they not saying that they despise their Creator? Are we not given a mind to appreciate how we are made? Do we have the right to decide who we are? Isn’t it self-evident that we are made male and female to bring forth new life and to pass it on from generation to generation?

How can we as a society in good conscience keep silent? By keeping silent or ignoring the issue, are we not bringing judgment upon ourselves?

Jerry Plett

Last modified Oct. 11, 2017