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LETTERS: Women don't have it hard

To the editor:

To read a recent article in the Record you would think women in the USA have had little freedom and a miserable life.

I grew up in a home where Dad was definitely head of the family. I felt safe, secure. He had his role. Mom had hers. Mom sang lullabies and hymns. Dad whistled tunes and evenings he played the French harp while young ones sat on his bouncing knees. Kids swam in the river with our pet pig.

Along with head-of-household comes great responsibility for the well-being of the family. My hardworking farmer Dad had a rifle and a shotgun sitting on the kitchen floor. These were used for security and hunting food. Toddlers were ordered to never touch them. None did. We minded Mom, Dad, older kids, and teachers. We had chores at home and at school — no pay. We learned to work, which is very useful in adult life.

When I married Jim, he became head of our family. We moved many times because of his work. I never felt I was his slave. We had 63 years together.

The recent house hearings were about forcing others to provide contraceptives and abortion-inducing drugs for students or employees against the health provider’s religious beliefs. The 30-year-old female law student claimed students were spending a thousand dollars a year for contraceptives and the drugs. When do they find the time to study?

Mary Clemmer, Tampa

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