• Last modified 1218 days ago (March 17, 2016)


Live poultry can transmit salmonella

While salmonella infections from food are common, the Kansas Department of Health and Environment warns of the risk of infection from live poultry.

Even if they appear healthy, live baby poultry can carry salmonella and easily spread the bacteria to people, especially children, according to a KDHE release.

To reduce risk of infection KDHE recommends those who handle poultry to wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after touching baby poultry or anything that they have been in contact with.

Adults should supervise hand washing. The use of hand sanitizer is encouraged, too.

Poultry raising equipment and materials also should be cleaned and sterilized regularly.

Children younger than five years old, seniors, and people with weak immune systems should not handle or touch live poultry.

Snuggling and kissing live poultry, even baby chicks given as Easter presents, is highly discouraged. KDHE also said people should not eat or drink near poultry or cohabitate with poultry.

Last modified March 17, 2016