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Local exhibitors display livestock at junior show

Of the 716 participants in the Kansas Junior Livestock Show, 21 youths from Marion County exhibited their livestock.

In all, children from 89 counties showed off 1,457 head of livestock.

Before the Auction of Champions, KJLS gave $20,500 worth of scholarship money to 12 exhibitors. Of that group, Nicholas Meyer of Tampa earned a $2,000 scholarship.


Cedar Point

Cody Parmley: 12th, dark crossbred market barrow; 6th, dark crossbred market barrow.

Corin Parmley: 10th, crossbred market lamb; 11th, commercial ewe lamb; 12th, meat goat; 15th, meat goat; 6th, crossbred market lamb; 6th, Yorkshire gilt.


Lauren Geis: 1st, Yorkshire gilt; 8th, light crossbred market barrow; 8th light crossbred market barrow.

Lisa Geis: 3rd, light crossbred market barrow; 4th, dark AOB gilt; 5th, dark crossbred market barrow.


Bryce Roberts: 3rd, Hampshire market lamb; 3rd, crossbred market lamb.

Landon Roberts: 7th, natural market lamb.

Sa Rae Roberts: 8th, crossbred market lamb; 8th, Hampshire market lamb.


Callie Riffel: 8th, Duroc market barrow.

Jensen Riffel: 3rd, dark crossbred market barrow

Kailyn Riffel: 10th, dark crossbred market barrow.


Cassidy Hill: champion, Dorset breeding ewe; 2nd, crossbred market lamb; 4th, commercial ewe lamb; 5th, Suffolk market lamb.


Devon Gaines: 3rd, crossbred market steer; 4th, Angus breeding heifer.

Morgan Gaines: 3rd, Hereford market steer.

Weston Gaines: 12th, crossbred market steer.


Cailey Barney: 10th, crossbred market lamb; 6th, commercial ewe lamb.

Jared Barney: 2nd, crossbred market lamb.

Zach Barney: 9th, commercial ewe lamb.

Elizabeth Meyer: 2nd, Angus breeding heifer; 8th, crossbred market lamb.

Nicholas Meyer: 6th, Hampshire market lamb.

Kara Riffel: 14th, meat goat; 2nd, meat goat; 8th, commercial doe kid.

Kyle Riffel: 10th, meat goat; 12th, commercial doe kid.

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