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Long distance biker visits

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Catherine McCormack was an overnight guest June 24 of Mary and Ron Clemmer. McCormack is bicycling the American Discovery Trail from Henlopen, Del., to San Francisco.

With the possessions she needs for the journey in a small trailer behind her bike, she says she is “pedaling and pushing.”

One of the most difficult stretches was a recreation area in West Virginia, where it took her seven hours to traverse an uphill piece of road that cars cover in about 45 minutes.

Since Cathie asks people who help her along her way to sign her trailer, Mary’s signature is now on its way to California.

“I’ve met a lot of interesting people, a lot of friendly people,” Cathie said.

Among the most interesting was a group of Amish in Ohio. After she visited an Amish farmer and his son, the farmer told his neighbors about her at church. Others made a point of talking with her, and buggy loads of Amish ended up driving by her, smiling and waving.

“They seemed to think I was a tourist attraction,” McCormack said.

She seemed quite tired from her day on the road in the wind and heat.

“The wind tried to keep me from getting here today,” she said. “I was determined, but I had to do a lot of pushing.”

Mary and Cathie visited Alma Meyer and Leo and Sue Yanda in the evening.

As of this writing, combines are out in force in the Tampa community, and reports are that yields are pretty good with, of course, some variations.

“Once a wheat farmer, always a wheat farmer” describes 104-year-old Tillie Hein. Tillie spent three hours riding in a combine with her grandson, Jim Srajer, then rode in the truck with great-grandson Grant Srajer to take a load of wheat to the elevator.

Anna Mae Stika celebrated her 80th birthday June 26. She received many cards and calls, some from friends and relatives she has not seen or heard from in a long time.

Jane Vajnar visited Georgia Spohn on June 25.

Russ and Julie Kerbs, Rustyn Kerbs, and Lucille Kerbs enjoyed dinner at La Luna June 23.

Jeanne Rziha spent June 22 and 23 in Haysville with her sister, Janie Hummel, for a sisters’ weekend. Other present were Louise Bevilaqqua of Winfield, Susan Denney of Independence, Carol Whitehair of Abilene, and Mary Monaco of North Beach, Md.

Leona Kleiber and friend Donna Bundy visited Adeline Bernhardt on June 23 at Parkside Homes in Hillsboro.

Wayne Rziha of Tulsa, Okla., was an overnight June 24 guest of his parents, Jerry and Jeanne Rziha. Cecilia Marie, Anthony, and Daniel Rziha, who had spent three weeks with their grandparents, returned home with their father.

Tom and Dee Duggan attended the Marion County Senior Citizens board meeting June 21 at the community center in Burns. Dee was chosen Marion County’s “Sensational Sunflower” for the Senior Fair in Salina in September.

Tim and Marchelle Kerbs and Molly Kerbs of Salina and April Reidy, Josh and Gracie of Manhattan spent June 20 with Lucille Kerbs.

Melody Routh of Augusta and Chris Granzow of Lakeland, Fla., were afternoon and supper guests June 20 of Leona Kleiber.

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