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Losing weight my way

News editor

I recently started trying to eat better and get more exercise to help me lose weight. There are several good reasons for people to want to lose weight, and my biggest reason is my health.

While I haven’t had any health problems because of my weight yet, I have a strong family history of heart disease. I want to get my weight under control before it becomes a problem.

I’m not using someone else’s diet or exercise plan. I’m sticking with what I can do and what works for me. What works best for me is logging everything I eat and any exercise I get. It makes me more conscious of my decisions, both as I make them and afterward.

“Is that dessert worth it?” I’ve asked myself a few times recently. Most of the time it isn’t, but sometimes it is. When it is worth it, I’m not depriving myself. I’ve tried to give up sweets entirely before, but it always fails miserably. I’m not falling into that trap again.

I haven’t set any diet “rules” for myself, but I am trying to keep in mind some guidelines to help me make good choices:

  • Have breakfast. I’m finding that a light breakfast helps me avoid overeating at lunch.
  • Eat smaller portions. This is difficult for me, because the recipes I like most tend to leave me with a lot of leftovers. In the past I’ve had a habit of eating until I’m full, instead of eating until I’m satisfied.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables. They’re healthy, and they’re helping me with portion control. It’s easier to say no to a second burrito if I have some corn or pineapple as a side.
  • Drink less soda and juice. They’re so full of sugar and calories, and there’s no need for that. And I’ve found in the past that even diet soda makes me want other sweet things.

I’m still struggling some with eating more fruits and vegetables, mostly because I don’t want to dirty more dishes when I’m cooking, but otherwise I am doing well with sticking to my guidelines.

Diet is only half of the weight loss equation, though. The other half is exercise. I like getting out and doing active things, so I don’t know why I don’t do more of it. I’ve started getting more exercise, going for walks and bike rides.

I have fallen victim to overdoing it already, though. One evening last week I set out to walk five kilometers — a little over three miles. About halfway through my feet started hurting, but I pressed on to meet my goal. I ended up with a blister on my left foot that slowed me down a lot and kept me from going for even a leisurely walk for two days. I learned my lesson, and I’m going to listen to my body more as I continue to work toward my goals.

I’m really happy with the success I’ve had so far. I’ve lost nine lbs. since I started, and I think the changes I’ve made are sustainable.

Last modified May 15, 2014